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Caring for the Dying, Battling Stage Fright and Finding Solitude

In 2015 I sat down with my good friend and former member of hip-hop duo 40Long, D Moon. Nowadays you can find him rocking stages from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon under the moniker A Lunar Landing. In our interview Dan chronicles his post-graduate  Kerouac-ish van living travel across the U.S., caring for his dying grandmother, and overcoming stage fright.

Notable & Quotable:

"Depression is not a good place for creativity." - Dan Moon 

"You're here by you have to practice being here." - Dan Moon 

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LEVEL 3 by Griz

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Chicken N Waffle ice cream @ Azucar

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The gratitude episode

Sometimes you just have to vent. You gotta throw your hands up and say fuck it! I had one of those days yesterday and I needed to express myself. I needed to get out of my head and into my journal. Emotions ran high and It ended up spilling over into this podcast for the world to hear. Consider it my therapy. I hope this serves you on your journey.

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