The Journey of Becoming a Conscious Rapper

I sat down with my good friend DII in 2015 for this interview. It’s a tale of his untold journey into becoming a conscious rapper and how the Orlando community played a key role in his growth and development as an artist. We also discussed America’s addiction to violence and the artists who inspired DII’s style of music.

Notable & Quotables: 

If you're thinking, then that means they can't think for you. - DII 

More from my DII:


2 thoughts on “The Journey of Becoming a Conscious Rapper

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    Chris Swan - November 25, 2017

    Dude great episode! Really glad to discover DII. Keep up the great work fellas!

    1. Reply
      Vernon - December 6, 2017

      Much appreciate Chris! Looking forward to having you on the show.

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