Letting Go of Attachment, A Cuban Way of Life, and Redefining Social Validation

Natalie Christine was largely responsible for changing the trajectory of my life. A few years ago she introduced me to the concept of yoga and yogic philosophy and I attribute here teaching to being an instrumental foundation for how I live today. This conversation explores her journey back to her native roots of Cuba, the struggles we face with attachment, and how we can reconnect with the realness that's so often lost on today's social platforms.

Notable & Quotable:

"One of our biggest misconceptions of humans is beliving we own the work we're here to adminster." - H.G. Wells 

"There is absoluetly no thing outside of you that can fill any void you're feeling inside of you." - Natalie Christine

"We've outsourced our validation to social media." - Natalie Christine

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She's always on my mind 🇨🇺

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